Mental Power Path

step by step discovering the Mental Power Path / Mental Power Weg in Leutasch/Tirol/ Austria


12 steps to myself  / yourself- a trial and exploration with my camera

· Kraftort Bewusstsein und Erdung / Consciousness and earth
· Der Blick in die Ferne – Kraft der Wahrnehmung / View into the distance - Power of perception
· Ent-Spannen, Ent-Wickeln – die Kraft der Ordnung / Relax, Develop - the force of order
· Die Kraft der Farben / The power of colours
· Die Kraft des Geborgenseins / The power of
· Die Kraft der Polarität / The power of polarity

· Die Kraft der Mitte - Gleichgewicht im Ungleichen / The power of the centre
· Die Kraft der Ruhe und Lebensenergie / The power of silence and life energiy
· Die Kraft der 4 Elemente / The power of the 4 elements
· Die Kraft der Umkehr, die Kraft des Abschieds / The power of farewell
· Kraft der Überwindung / The power of
· Den Gipfel erreichen – die Berge denken – nach dem Himmel greifen / Getting to the sky

Where are you on earth?  What is your soul? What will you see with yourself?

What do you perceive in the proximity and in the distance? How do you feel about it? Which places do you like most?

Can you realize the difference of your internal and  the external perspective? In which context do they relate to each other?

What is truth? Can you see it differently by taking another perspective?

How do  things interrelate to each other?

Which colours do you prefer and why?

Where do you feel silence?

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